Micro Credit


Micro finance is accessing both financial and non- financial services for both credit and deposits to people with micro, small and medium businesses. The savings and loans modalities are through the group but members have individual records. The members co-guarantee each other and ensure even the very small business access credit and grows.


All our loan products are accessible by all our members, therefore, you need to be a Sacco Member before you apply for any loan product, you also need to duly complete a loan application form.

Benefits & Features

» Provide a facility for enhancing the culture of saving among the local business community
» Increase the chances of accessing credit for micro and small enterprises
» Contribute to the development of self employment and entrepreneurship
» Implement, test & document lessons learnt on a model of micro saver operations both for own financial gain & as a model for other saccos
» Flexible borrowing options
» The application process is short and simple
» Refinancing during the loan period is allowed

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